"Manipulating natural materials into objects that appeal to me and hopefully to others, is why I'm a sculptor. My desire to create is so inherent, I can't comfortably do anything else. I often reflect back on the day when I was nine years old playing in my front yard, when I was overcome with a strong urge to pick up an odd shaped rock. As soon as I did, I got a strange overwhelming feeling that surely must have been God telling me that stone would be my destiny. I've worked with wood, bronze, steel and paper, but stone is still my first love. Rounded, angular, smooth and textured surfaces are the contrasts I incorporate into a piece, to invite the viewer to touch and think about my sculptures. My admiration of African, Egyptian, Oceanic, Eskimo, and other tribal sculptures, influence my work immensely. I try to blend all of the different styles into one universal style that is appealing to all people. My subject matter is also universal with the intent of portraying the human bond that exists between us all."

-William M. Duffy, Sculptor
Louisville, KY

"Art is man's nature. Nature is God's art."
-Philip James Bailey-British Poet